About Us


We can sum up our business philosophy in one word: Relationships.

For nearly 74 years Technical Specialties Company, Inc. has provided high quality die-cut, extruded, and molded parts to manufacturers in a wide variety of industries. Our extensive experience, low cost tooling and competitive pricing are some of the things that set us apart in the industry. But those qualities, while valuable, are not the primary reason we have such loyal customers. Our customers have turned to us year after year because of the relationships we’ve forged with them. We’ve worked extremely hard to build a reputation of dependability, integrity, and ingenuity. We are focused on our customers’ needs and dedicated to fulfilling our mission to “promise a lot and deliver more.”


We can define our people with one word: Experience

Our President and CEO, Donald Schutz, has over 27 years with Technical Specialties Company, Inc. In addition, our plant managers, partners, and vendors are extremely tenured, with most having an average tenure of 20+ years in the industry. This wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to continue to provide the responsive, sound consultation our customers have come to expect from Technical Specialties Company, Inc. Put our experience to the test by contacting us today to discuss your project/specifications.   


If we had to describe our products in one word, it would be: Versatility

We are a full service provider of non-metallic components. So, basically, we custom fabricate, extrude, mold or die-cut plastic and rubber parts for our customers across a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

Let’s talk about your needs! Contact us today online or via phone at 800-874-0877.