Elevator Astragals

As a custom manufacturer of elevator astragals for center closing doors, Technical Specialties Company, Inc. has been proudly serving the elevator industry for more than 30 years. Whether it is new construction, repairs, or replacement astragals for remodernization projects, our customers trust us to provide 

extensive experience, low cost tooling and competitive pricing (with small minimum quantities). We also offer UL approved compounds and have the capability to fabricate astragals with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

Since 1991 we've been members of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) and we have made astragals for respected companies like:

  • EDI
  • Gunderlin
  • Minnesota Elevator
  • National Elevator & Cab
  • Unitec
  • Numerous other Elevator Contractors

We offer a wide variety of standard astragal profiles, or, if your project requires, we can help you to develop a custom part. Some of our more popular parts are featured below:

We’ve built a solid reputation of dependability, integrity, and ingenuity and are truly dedicated to fulfilling our mission to “promise a lot and deliver more.” Contact us to discuss your next project.