Aug 19, 2015

Introduction to Elevator Astragals

An astragal is a type of rubber molding profile with a beaded design that was originally used in the field of architecture. It looked similar to a human spine, so it was given the name astragal, which in Latin and Greek translates to the word “vertebra”.

Although this type of molding is used as an architectural element in furniture design and for framing purposes, it is also highly functional in elevators. Known as elevator astragals, the molding helps seal a pair of center closing doors by filling any clearance gaps that might exist between them.

Benefits of Elevator Astragals

In the event of a fire, doors are often the weakest link. The primary function of elevator astragals is to slow down the passage of smoke and/or flames in the event of a fire. The astragals are fabricated from fire-resistant material, and the gaps that the astragals close serve to help prevent fires that begin on one floor from spreading to other floors by way of the elevator shaft. 

Elevator astragals provide some less important side benefits, too. The rubber astragal proves to be a much safer means of sealing off the elevator doors than the overlapping structural steel doors used in older elevators. With the gaps closed, the astragal also helps to ensure privacy and cut down on noise, which in certain buildings like hospitals or large organizations, is appreciated. The astragals also prevent light from passing through as the elevator moves between floors, which for some people creates a more secure atmosphere.

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