Mar 23, 2016

Smart Parts with a Big Job

When I find myself in casual conversation with someone new, inevitably the question “What do you do for a living?” comes up. I always find myself stammering for an easy way to explain what we do here at Technical Specialties Company, Inc. In the past, I’ve found myself trying to explain some of the nuances of the manufacturing industry, and the types of parts these organizations might need, but, unless that person works in the industry in some capacity already, I’ll notice their eyes start to glaze over and they quickly lose interest.

But, recently, I’ve changed my approach. The truth is, due the flexibility of our organization and the types of solutions we’ve been providing for more than 74 years, our parts can be found in a host of interesting places. Here are some fun examples:

  • Window gaskets/seals on a luxury cruise liner or railcar
  • Lighting gaskets in an underwater tunnel
  • Rubber gaskets that ensure a tight fit in a household outlet cover
  • Seals that keep water out of a law enforcement vehicle’s rooftop lights
  • Rubber handles on an archery bow
  • Floating foam sunglasses cords
  • Astragals for center closing elevator doors in a wide variety of well-known buildings around the world

The truth is we make a wide variety of parts for customers in a myriad of industries. I am fascinated every day by the number of products that require a small component – a gasket, seal, molded part, etc. – in order to make it more efficient for the customer. Our parts keep things from leaking, slipping, wearing, weathering, and the list goes on and on. So, while what we do may seem small and insignificant to some, we’ve learned that these components are very important to our customer’s, and ultimately, THEIR customers.

Chances are very good that you’ve recently used a product that featured one of our custom made parts. If you are looking for a custom rubber or plastic part for your project, contact us today or call us at 800-874-0877.